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Building on Christ Our Rock

A podcast of the sermon from each week's service.

Wrestling with God | 08-02-2020

Steven Leopold | August 3, 2020

Thoughts on COVID 19, Quarantine, LockDown, and Social Distancing | 04-19-2020

Greg Weis | April 22, 2020

A Contrast of Kings, Part 2 | 03-22-2020

John Gray | March 24, 2020

India Report | 03-15-2020

Greg Weis | March 24, 2020

Worshiping When Everything Goes Wrong | Daniel 1-3

John Gray | March 11, 2020

Miami Valley Women's Center Guest Presentation | 03-01-2020

Jenny Shoup | March 4, 2020

02-16-2020 Readings and Commentary | Deuteronomy 30:15-20; Psalm 119:1-16; 1 Corinthians 12:24b-31; Ephesians 4:7; 11-16

Greg Weis | February 16, 2020

02-02-2020 Readings and Commentary | Malachi 3:1-4; Psalm 24:1-10; Hebrews 2:14-18; Luke 2:22-40

Greg Weis | February 4, 2020

An Introduction to Resources for Growth from Grace Christian Fellowship | 01-12-2020

Greg Weis | January 13, 2020

Church Planting International | 09-29-19

Steven Shepard | October 2, 2019

Guest speaker Steven Shepard gives a presentation about the missions work that Church Planting International is doing.

Living Well; Ending Well | 2 Timothy 4:6-8

Eric Meyer | September 8, 2019

Gloryshine India - Caring Across Borders | 07-21-19

Joseph Janga | July 24, 2019

Guest speaker Joseph Janga speaks about Glorshine India and their various church plants.

The Freedom of Walking by the Spirit | Galatians 5:1,13-25

John Weis | July 4, 2019

Those who are called to freedom through Jesus Christ must not please themselves, nor walk in the flesh, but walk according to the Holy Spirit of God. Therefore, as those called to walk by the Spirit, let us crucify the flesh and fulfill the law of loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Rejoicing in All Things in God | Romans 5:1-11

John Weis | June 23, 2019

Because of God's grace, all those who trust in Christ can rejoice even in the midst of great suffering, because the Holy Spirit has poured out His love in their hearts. Therefore, as those who have been justified by faith, let us praise God in all circumstances, for He will sustain by His Spirit even until the day of Christ Jesus.

The Opportunity of Offense | 06-16-19

Greg Weis | June 17, 2019

God Sends the Spirit to Gather the Nations | Acts 2:1-41

John Weis | June 13, 2019

In the outpouring of the Spirit, God fulfills His covenant promises and sets apart His people to witness to the present reign of Jesus Christ upon the earth. Therefore, as those called by Christ, let us repent of our sins and continually receive the gift of the Holy Spirit that we might be His faithful people.

The Ascension of the Lamb of God | Luke 24:44-53; Revelation 5:1-14

John Weis | June 2, 2019

As those redeemed by the Lamb - called to be His kingdom and priests to Him - let us worship and adore Him continually, trusting that His reign is perfect.

The Triune God Dwelling with Us | John 14:15-29

John Weis | May 27, 2019

As Jesus goes to the cross, He promises to ask the Father to send another Helper - the Spirit who will fill His disciples' lives with all the fullness of God.

The New Commandment in Christ Jesus | John 13:31-35; 1 John 2:7-11

John Weis | May 21, 2019

As Jesus was glorified on the cross, He obediently loved the Father, that this very same love would transform His disciples, bringing them out of darkness and into light.

The Good Shepherd and the Father | John 10:22-42

John Weis | May 12, 2019

Jesus testifies that His works reveal Him as the Good Shepherd sent by the Father to gather His sheep into His fold.

The Resurrected Christ Restores Peter | John 21:1-19

John Weis | May 6, 2019

As Jesus reveals Himself in the miracle of the fish and the meal on the shore, He restores Peter from his fall to follow Him again.

The Risen Christ Proclaims Peace | John 20:19-31

John Weis | April 29, 2019

As the disciples cower in fear of the Jews, Jesus enters to proclaim His peace, commission with the Father's purpose, and anoint with the Spirit's power.

Christ's Resurrection and Our Witness | John 20:1-18; 1 Corinthians 15:1-26

John Weis | April 21, 2019

Because Christ has been raised from the dead, God's people can live in confidence that as Christ reigns over His enemies, we too will rise in His final victory against death.

The Triumphal Entry Unto Defeat | Luke 19:28-40

John Weis | April 15, 2019

As Jesus enters Jerusalem, He comes as Prophet, King, and Priest, calling His people to return, conquering all of their enemies, and offering up His own blood.

God's Sovereign Plan in the Cross of Christ | John 11:45-53, 12:1-8

John Weis | April 7, 2019

As the Passover approaches, Jesus draws near to Jerusalem, even as the Pharisees and Judas conspire to kill Him, in order to gather the children of God scattered abroad.

God's Grace for Prodigals and Legalists | Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

John Weis | April 1, 2019

Jesus warns those who grumble at God's gracious reception of sinners against presuming that they are not likewise in need of mercy. As those who have both played the part of the younger and elder brother, let us renounce our wanton living and legalism and delight in our presence through Christ with the Father.

Drinking of Christ, the Living Water | Isaiah 55:1-9; John 4:7-15

John Weis | March 25, 2019

Jesus Christ calls the Samaritan woman to ask of Him a drink of the Living Water, He alone who will quench her thirst. Let us come to drink from the source of life, Christ the Living Water, that we may never thirst again.

Jesus Warns on His Way to Jerusalem | Luke 13:18-35

John Weis | March 18, 2019

As He sets His face toward Jerusalem to be crucified, Jesus warns the people of Israel to repent lest the nation be destroyed.

Christ Defeats Satan with the Scriptures | Luke 4:1-14

John Weis | March 10, 2019

Filled with the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures, though weakened by fasting Jesus powerfully overcomes the temptations of the devil to reject God's authority. As those called to imitate Christ, let us learn from Him how to defeat the temptations of our enemy through treasuring God's word.

The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ | Luke 9:18-36

John Weis | March 3, 2019

In the Transfiguration, Jesus Christ is shown as the divine Son of God and Messiah, the Prophet to whom we must listen and obey.

The Commandments of Jesus Christ | Luke 6:27-49

John Weis | February 27, 2019

Jesus teaches His disciples what holy living requires; transformation that bears the fruit of sanctification, all flowing from God's redemption of our lives.

Jesus Christ, Greater than Moses | Luke 6:12-26

John Weis | February 17, 2019

Recapitulating the Exodus, Jesus Christ shows Himself as greater than Moses, calling forth His apostles, healing the people, and teaching the law of God.

Jesus Christ, Lord of the Sabbath | Luke 6:1-11

John Weis | February 11, 2019

As God's redeemed people, we must resist legalism, but likewise must recognize the significant blessing of God's plan of restoration in each Lord's Day.

Jesus Christ, Our Healer and Savior | Luke 5:12-16

John Weis | February 5, 2019

By His miraculous power, Jesus Christ gloriously healed the sick, that all of God's people might know He has authority to forgive sins.

Jesus Christ, Lord over the Deep | Luke 5:1-11

John Weis | January 27, 2019

As Jesus calls His disciples, He reveals the greatness of His power through the miracle of the great catch of fish, showing forth His lordship and glory. Seeing the power and sufficiency of Christ, let us joyfully forsake all other things in order to follow Christ, even as we call others to trust in Him.

Jesus' Rejection in Nazareth | Luke 4:14-30

John Weis | January 22, 2019

Despite the violent rejection from his countrymen, Jesus manifests His glory in Nazareth, showing God's sovereignty in giving grace to His people.

The Baptism of Jesus as Forerunner of Christian Water Baptism | Mark 1:1-11

Greg Weis | January 18, 2019

As in all things, Christ is the pattern that we as Christians are to follow. His baptism was to be an example for us as believers.

The Blessed Wedding at Cana | John 2:1-11

John Weis | January 7, 2019

As Christ has cleaned His people and given them unceasing joy, let us be filled with His Spirit as we celebrate His redemption.

Devoting Ourselves to Good Works in Christ | Titus 2:11-14, 3:3-8

John Weis | December 30, 2018

The Reign of the Shepherd of Bethlehem | Micah 5:2-5a

John Weis | December 29, 2018

In the midst of God's seeming absence, He will bring forth a Ruler from Bethlehem who will shepherd His people, causing them to dwell with Him in peace.

Sing for Joy, for God Will Save His People | Zephaniah 3:14-20

John Weis | December 16, 2018

Despite the judgment against Israel's sins, God Himself will take away her judgments and restore her with His love.

Preparing for the Day of the Lord | Malachi 3:1-4, 4:1-6

John Weis | December 10, 2018

In the blindness of our sin, we trivialize the coming of Christ because we don't recognize the depth of our need for healing, which God desires to accomplish.

God's Promise of the Righteous Branch | Jeremiah 33:14-26

John Weis | December 2, 2018

Despite their manifold sins, God will raise up a righteous Branch for David who will restore His people, multiplying them into a great host that cannot be measured.

The Reign of the Son of David | Psalm 132

John Weis | November 25, 2018

The Lord has fulfilled His promise to David by raising up His Son, Jesus Christ, to the throne over all things - powers, rulers, authorities, and nations. Seeing the glory of the Anointed King in His Reign, let us shout for joy as we obey His rule, that one day we would reign with Him.

Thessalonians - Building Up the Body of Christ | 1 Thessalonians 5

John Weis | November 18, 2018

As God has formed the Thessalonian church, Paul urges them to continue building one another up in holiness and good deeds, encouraging one another as they follow Christ.

Three Core Values of the Ministry of Jesus | 1 Corinthians 3:11

Ned Berube | November 13, 2018

Thessalonians - Called to Sanctification | 1 Thessalonians 4

John Weis | November 4, 2018

As those called to new life in Christ, Paul urges the Thessalonians to walk in purity and holiness, loving one another and waiting with hope of Christ's return.

Thessalonians - Communion in Christ's Church | Acts 17:10-15 - 1 Thessalonians 3

John Weis | October 28, 2018

Even in the midst of afflictions, our God is able to cause His people to abound in love for one another, that we would be a holy people.

Thessalonians - Godly Marks of Ministry | 1 Thessalonians 2

John Weis | October 23, 2018

Seeing the fruit which attends Godly ministry, we must be all the more eager to diligently obey our leaders as they charge us to walk in a manner worthy of God.

Thessalonians - The Power of the Gospel | Acts 17:1-9; 1 Thessalonians 1

John Weis | October 14, 2018

Because of the powerful work of the Spirit in the gospel, Paul urges the Thessalonians to continue serving God as they await Jesus Christ's return.

The Reign of God and His Anointed | Psalm 2

John Weis | October 7, 2018

Though Israel rejected the Messiah, God vindicated His Son and set Him as King over all things, for the blessing of all those in His Church.

The Blessed Man in Christ | Psalm 1

John Weis | September 30, 2018

Knowing how Jesus Christ defeated His opponents, by making God's word His joy, let us give ourselves to discovering that same well of joy to overcome the sin which so easily entangles.

The Testimony of the Lord Jesus | Psalm 19:1-11

John Weis | September 25, 2018

God has graciously put forth His glory in both His creation and in His word so that His people would know Him and faithfully keep His covenant. Knowing the fulfilment of God's word brought about by Jesus, Christians should wholeheartedly cling to the Gospel promise, treasuring them above every other earthly thing.

Preaching the Power of God | Psalm 78:32-38; 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

John Weis | September 18, 2018

Through the preaching of the word of the cross, the glad news that Christ was crucified in the place of sinners, God powerfully saves sinners. Because God has chosen His people, though they were despised by the world, they ought to gloriously boast in Jesus Christ, for through Him they have redemption.

God Instructs Sinners in the Way | Psalm 25

John Weis | September 11, 2018

Because of God's steadfast love, David faithfully asks for direction and deliverance in the midst of his distress and trouble. Because Christ trusted God in the midst of violent opposition, we too may call upon Him, no matter the circumstance, for He is the God who redeems His people.

The Lord's Beautiful Dwelling Place | Psalm 84:1-12

John Weis | September 4, 2018

Being in the dwelling place of the Lord is a delight to the soul and refreshing to the heart, for in it, we meet with God Himself. Seeing the benefits, those who are in Christ must not neglect the great privilege of meeting through His people, His Church in which He dwells.

How to Have Joy in God (Keep Yourself from Idols) | Exodus 20:1-6; Joshua 24:1-2, 14-18

John Gray | August 28, 2018

God made you to enjoy Him, to have your greatest satisfaction in Him, and to treasure Him above all others. Neglecting to enjoy God supremely is idolatry and warrants His judgment.

Walking in Love and Light | Ephesians 5:1-21

John Weis | August 20, 2018

Because Christ's sacrifice atoned for our sins, we can forever forsake those idolatries and lusts in which we formerly walked, but instead be filled with the Spirit to walk in newness of life. Christ's love for us has transformed us, therefore, let us walk in the freedom which He has purchased with His blood.

The New Way of Life in Christ | Ephesians 4:17 - 5:2

John Weis | August 14, 2018

Because of God's great mercy, all those in Christ must put off the old self, stained by sin, and put on the new self, walking in holiness with God and neighbor.

The Bread which Never Perishes | Psalm 78:23-29; John 6:24-58

John Weis | August 8, 2018

After the Feeding of the Five-Thousand, Jesus teaches the crowd that He, rather than the loaves and fishes, is He the Only One who truly satisfies the unsatiable soul. Unless we behold Jesus Christ through the eyes of faith in His promise, we ourselves will never come to Him to trust and know Him as the supreme satisfaction of our lives.

A Hard Heart Will Cost You Your Sanity and Your Soul | Mark 3:1-5; Ephesians 4:17-24; Hebrews 10:39-11:1

John Gray | August 1, 2018

Repeatedly refusing the grace of God to escape temptation will blind you and you won't see Jesus as He is, even when He's right in front of you.

Enough | Matthew 6:19-21; 1 Timothy 6:6-19; Hebrews 13:5-6

John Gray | July 22, 2018

As Christians, we are called to be content with what God gives to us, to be free from the love of wealth, and to be thankful for what we have. We are enabled to do this by delighting in God above all else and by trusting Him to provide all that we need.

God Provides a Lamb to Save a Son | Genesis 22:1-19

John Gray | July 18, 2018

We see the glory of the grace of God in the foreshadowing of Jesus' sacrifice of Himself for sinners. Like the ram substituted for Abraham’s only son, the only Son of God substituted for the lambs of God’s flock, so that we can become sons of God.

The Glory of God in Zion | Psalm 48; Revelation 21:9-27

John Weis | July 9, 2018

God has graciously decreed that His glory and power be seen in the midst of His people, the city of God called Zion, throughout all generations.

Philippians - The Community of the Church | Philippians 2:19-30, 4:1-23

John Weis | July 3, 2018

As a wise overseer, Paul addresses issues in the flock, encouraging them to the obedience, harmony, and brotherly love that befits the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Philippians - The Upward Call of God | Philippians 3:1-21

John Weis | June 27, 2018

Knowing the spiritual dangers of the sin of self-righteousness, Paul warns the Philippians to renounce what lies behind and press on toward their eternal reward in Christ Jesus.

Philippians - Thinking After Christ | Philippians 2:1-18

John Weis | June 18, 2018

Christ's humbling Incarnation, Death, and subsequent vindication in the Ascension by the Father not only shows His glory, but demonstrates for us the manner of life which pleases God.

Philippians - Suffering for His Sake | Philippians 1:12-30

John Weis | June 11, 2018

Knowing the struggle which the Philippian saints will endure, Paul demonstrates the self-sacrificial love in the imitation of Christ which works for the joy of others. Only by understanding the glory of our eternal reward with Jesus Christ can we be willing to suffer for His sake, serving as living witnesses of the grace of God to our neighbors.

Philippians - The Affection of Christ Jesus | Philippians 1:1-11

John Weis | June 4, 2018

Paul's pastoral letter to the Philippian church reveals the fruit of a heart transformed by the gracious love of Jesus Christ. As disciples of Christ, we ought to demonstrate the same manner of love and affection for our fellow brothers, as we imitate Paul who imitated Christ.

Living before the Triune God | Romans 8:1-17

John Weis | May 28, 2018

Through the cross of Christ, believers are delivered from bondage to sin in order to walk according to the leading of the Spirit as the true sons of God.

The Holy Spirit Who Brings Life | Ezekiel 37:1-14

John Weis | May 22, 2018

In Ezekiel's vision, Yahweh promises to bring new life to His wayward people by the Spirit which comes through prophecy - the preaching of His word.

The Glorious Ascension and Reign of Christ | Psalm 93; Acts 1:4-11; Ephesians 1:15-23

John Weis | May 13, 2018

Just before Jesus ascends into the heavens, He instructs His apostles to wait for the baptism of the Spirit, by Whom they proclaim His glorious Resurrection and Ascension. As disciples of the Lord Jesus, we therefore eagerly desire that God would grant us a greater measure of the Spirit, by whom we would walk in a manner worthy of our calling.

Loving God by Loving Neighbor | John 15:9-17; 1 John 5:1-5

John Weis | May 9, 2018

As Christ is about to lay down his life, He teaches His disciples to imitate His example of love at the cross. In the cross we see the loving union of obedience to the Father's will by laying His life down in love for God's people. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we have received His perfect love, transforming our hearts to joyfully lay our lives down for others.

Abiding in Christ, the True Vine | John 15:1-8; 1 John 4:7-21

John Weis | April 30, 2018

As the True Vine, Christ is the only source of life for His disciples. In Him alone can we bear the fruit of love for the brothers.

Imitating the Good Shepherd | John 10:11-18; 1 John 3:16-24

John Weis | April 23, 2018

As the Good Shepherd, Christ lays down His life for the sheep in the Crucifixion, and takes it back up in the Resurrection, procurring freedom for His people for all time. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to immitate Him by dying to ourselves in service to others, as we walk in newness of life.

An Examination of Islamic Beliefs in Contrast to Christianity | 04-15-18

Tom Kelby | April 16, 2018

Guest speaker Tom Kelby gives an explanation of the Islamic faith and worldview in comparison to the Christian faith and worldview.

Peace in the Resurrection | John 20:19-31; 1 John 1:1-4

John Weis | April 9, 2018

Having defeated death in the Resurrection, Jesus continues to conquer, defeating the fear and unbelief which plagues His disciples. Just as Christ rose two thousand years ago, so He is alive still today, proclaiming "peace" to His people and encouraging them to believe.

Christ, the Lord of all Time | Mark 16:1-8; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

John Weis | April 2, 2018

As Christ rose from the dead two-thousand years ago, He dramatically changed the future of the entire world. Therefore, we await His sure return joyfully praising Him, centering our lives around His Death and Resurrection every week in worship.

The Suffering King Delivered Through Death | Psalm 22

John Weis | April 1, 2018

Though Christ went through intense suffering and agony on the Cross, God delivered Him through death to victory over the grave, which will spread throughout the whole world. (Good Friday Service from 03-30-2018)

The Triumphal Entry of the Messiah | Psalm 118; Mark 11:1-11

John Weis | March 25, 2018

In this psalm, God's covenant faithfulness is shown to the people in saving their king from certain destruction. But that king was only a shadow of the True King, Jesus, who though He died was saved from ultimate death.

The Depths of Sin and the God Who Redeems | Psalm 130

John Weis | March 18, 2018

As the people of God, we may be reluctant to bring our deepest despair and longings in prayer to God. Yet through the psalmist's example, we learn to hope in the Lord and remember the great redemption from our sins which He accomplished in His Son, Jesus.

The Lord is Your Shepherd | Psalm 23

John Weis | March 11, 2018

As our Shepherd and Host, Yahweh promises to be with us, therefore we will lack nothing even in the midst of difficult seasons. Though God is the Shepherd of Israel, He also shepherds the individual soul.

Let Us Joyfully Submit to God | Psalm 95

John Weis | March 4, 2018

While we have tasted of Christ, we must truly come to Him so as to obey Him in faith, lest we harden our hearts and fail to enter His rest.

The Lord is Your Keeper | Psalm 121

John Weis | February 28, 2018

As sojourners and aliens in the earth, we too face many troubles and difficulties in our journey of life. Christ, however, purchases our protection and assures us of His presence in the midst of trials and suffering.

Stewarding our Commision | 02-18-2018

Greg Weis | February 20, 2018

Greg reminds us of what God has called us to as a church and how we need to pursue that.

The Glory and Death of Christ in the Transfiguration | Mark 9:2-13

John Weis | February 13, 2018

In seeing the glory of Christ upon the mountain, we are directed to look forward to the greater display of His glory at the cross. And in seeing that glory in His death, which is the display of His love for us, we are transformed from our obsession with the things the world highly esteems.

Transformed by Jesus to Serve Others | Psalm 147:1-11; Mark 1:29-45

John Weis | February 5, 2018

Though His fame spread, Jesus' example of private prayer demonstrates His humility in the midst of ministering to the people. By loving God first, He transforms our priorities, that we would likewise be a blessing to others.

Jesus the Teacher with Authority | Psalm 111; Mark 1:21-28

John Weis | January 28, 2018

Jesus' teaching, being full of grace and truth, delivers His hearers from both the traditions of men and the oppression of devils, showing Him to be the One who has brought God's Kingdom.

Jesus Calls His Disciples to Fish for Men | Mark 1:14-20

John Weis | January 22, 2018

Though careers and familial relationships are a gift from God, He alone deserves our highest allegiance and total obedience. Christ's grace transforms us from fear of the future to bold risk for the sake of His kingdom and mission on the earth.

Building Upon the Foundation of Christ | 1 Corinthians 3

John Weis | January 20, 2018

As God provides the growth, His people are built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ into a temple in which His Spirit is pleased to dwell.

The Voice of the Lord over the Waters of Baptism | Psalm 29; Mark 1:1-11

John Weis | January 8, 2018

The powerful voice of the Father confirms His love and approval to His Son at the very start of His ministry, showing us the truth that "man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord".

Christ, the Light to the Gentiles | Psalm 67; Luke 2:25-35

John Weis | December 31, 2017

Throughout Scripture, God blessed His people with the gracious gift of "the light" of His face, unto the redeeming of the nations. In seeing Jesus come into the temple, by the Spirit Simeon recognizes God's salvation in the face of the Messiah.

The King Who Establishes God's Justice | Psalm 72

John Weis | December 29, 2017

This psalm is a prayer for God to bless the king with justice that His reign might deliver the poor and bless the nations forever. God's glory is shown in that His people are protected through His granting a righteous reign to the king.

The Father's Covenant Faithfulness to the Son | Psalm 89:1-4,19-37

John Weis | December 20, 2017

The psalmist extols the beauty of the steadfast love, covenantal faithfulness, shown by God to David and his kingdom. But surely the language is too great to describe any mere human king. The Father's love for His Son, seen in His investiture of authority for salvation, then become the ground for all human trust and love.

Trust Not in Princes and Men | Psalm 146

John Weis | December 13, 2017

As those made in God's image, we naturally tend to place our trust in human power, strength, and wisdom. Yet we must recognize that all men are frail, being doomed to die. Even while revealing our weakness, the psalmist hints at the form of salvation which is to be revealed.

The Ruin of Israel and the Salvation of God | Psalm 80:1-19

John Weis | December 6, 2017

This prophetic psalm shows the grace of God in leading His people out of Egypt and establishing them in the land. Though He was so kind, the people have ruined themselves with sin and have fallen under judgment and His displeasure. Nevertheless, the psalmist is moved by the Spirit to thrice cry out for mercy and salvation, which God will bring through the Son of Man who is at His right hand.

God's Work of Redemption and the Reign of Christ | Ephesians 1:3-23

John Weis | November 28, 2017

Paul's introduction to the Ephesians discloses the love of the Father in the work of redemption purchased by the Son unto the granting of the Spirit for the benefit of the Church. Christ's reign is seen then as the source and head of all graces for the Church; a reign that is infallible, unwavering, and perfect.

Giving Thanks to the Lord | Deuteronomy 8; Psalm 65

John Weis | November 22, 2017

Before Israel enters the Promised Land, God reminds them of His grace in the Exodus from Egypt and the journey into the land. Because of His great love for His people, His bride, He lavishes gifts upon them. Though they receive everything they need, they forget His mercy. They presume their prosperity is due to their power instead of Gods' gift.

James - Steadfastness through Prayer | James 5:7-20

John Weis | November 16, 2017

James finishes his letter with a final reminder of the value of hope that is steadfast; a faith that is rooted firmly in God's promises. Drawing on the example of the prophets, James encourages his hearers to appeal to God through prayer for relief from the Almighty.

James - The Pride of Boasting and Trusting in Wealth | James 4:11-5:8

John Weis | November 8, 2017

James' call to reckon with those who boast of business success and those who trust in wealth warns us of the subtle danger of the ever-present temptation for pride. He calls them to bear the fruit of repentance by changing their speech and mourning their sin.

James - Repentance from Evil Passions | James 3:13-4:10

John Weis | October 31, 2017

James discloses the source of evils within the Christian church as ongoing corruption within her members. Those which are devoted to the Lord should renew their minds after heavenly wisdom and purity of heart.

James - The Fire of the Tongue | James 3:1-12

John Weis | October 23, 2017

James warns his hearers against the evils of the human tongue running wild, showing it to be a spark which sets the whole world ablaze. Those who claim to know God yet curse their brother should look more closely to their speech, lest it betray them as liars.

James - Faith that is Not Alone | James 2:14-26

John Weis | October 18, 2017

James' dispute with those who claim faith in Christ but have no evidence of that faith through their obedience to God's law reveals a deception which comes through a perversion of the Gospel.

James - The Law of Liberty | James 2:1-13

John Weis | October 10, 2017

James' warning against judging between rich and poor shows demonstrates the appropriate use of the Law for those renewed by the Gospel.

James - Reality before God | James 1:16-27

John Weis | October 3, 2017

James warns against religious self-deception, contrasting hypocritical anger and spiritual sloth with the true effects of the benevolent Father's grace.

James - Perseverance in Testing | James 1:1-15

John Weis | September 27, 2017

James' letter demonstrates the beautiful harmony between faith and works, demonstrating that works are the outflowing, proof, and goal of faith.

The Folly of The Cross of Christ | 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

John Weis | September 19, 2017

Paul's command to the Corinthians to walk in unity is established by the facts of the Gospel; if none chose Christ from their own wisdom, none should boast of their brother.

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ | Psalm 119:33-40; Romans 13:8-14

John Weis | September 13, 2017

Paul warns the Roman church of slumbering even while claiming to be alive. His words being written to Christians shows us the danger of self-deception.

Perseverance in the Light of Eternity | 2 Corinthians 4:1-18

John Weis | September 6, 2017

Paul's defense of the authenticity of his apostolic ministry, confirmed by sufferings not the praise of men, reveals his true treasure; the grace of Christ, not his own self.

Christian Partnership in Mission | Philippians 4:4-20

John Weis | August 29, 2017

Directing their hearts and minds upon the sure and steady excellencies of Christ, Paul's testimony of God's grace in the midst of lack and plenty demonstrates a heart and mind set upon the bountiful richness of Christ Jesus.

The Ground of Christian Evangelism | Philippians 2:1-18

John Weis | August 22, 2017

Paul's exhortation of the Philippian church reminds us of the source of our obedience - Christ Himself.

Galatians - The Grace of the Christian Church | Galatians 6

John Weis | August 14, 2017

Paul's closing instructions demonstrate the unique quality of love, grace, and charity that is found only among Christians, as they are the authentic witness of God's love in the earth.

Galatians - Walking According to the Spirit | Galatians 5

John Weis | August 7, 2017

Paul shows that looking to circumcision to justify is a looking away from Christ. But the Galatians were called to walk after the Spirit, not to neglect the law, but to keep it from the heart.

Galatians - Adopted as Children of Promise | Galatians 4

John Weis | July 31, 2017

Those who turn back to trusting in good works subtly, but fully, renounce their adoption as sons of God.

Galatians - Law, Curse, and Fulfilled Promise | Galatians 3

John Weis | July 25, 2017

Paul reasons with the Galatians to return to reliance upon Christ, showing them how Christ satisfied the demands of the law, becoming a curse in our place, to unleash the promised Spirit upon even the Gentiles.

Galatians - Justification and Fellowship through Christ | Galatians 2

John Weis | July 17, 2017

Paul's opposition to Peter's sin shows the severity of his error, revealing the foundation for our identity as the people of God, not based in our ethnicity, nor social standing, but in the blood of Christ alone.

Galatians - Called by God through the Gospel | Galatians 1

John Weis | July 11, 2017

Paul's opposition of those who entertained the Judaizing teaching shows us the vitality of clinging to the pure gospel of repentance from sins unto forgiveness through Christ.

The Imitation of Christ in the Body | Romans 12

John Weis | July 3, 2017

Paul's appeal to the Roman Christians seeks to encourage the fruits of the grace of God in the life of the Church. Through the imitation of Christ, the community shines forth with His same light and love.

The Right Judgment of Christ | Matthew 18:15-22; 1 Corinthians 5

John Weis | June 26, 2017

Following Christ's and His apostles' teaching, the Church is to walk in purity and love, guarding her members from attacks from her adversaries. In this way, Christ fights for her.

Effective & Expectant Prayer | Luke 11:1-13; 18:1-14

Greg Weis | June 21, 2017

Biblical teachings on prayer and how to pursue the Kingdom work of prayer

Trinity Sunday - The Creator's World | Genesis 1:1-2:4

John Weis | June 13, 2017

The Triune God created the world originally good, perfectly knowing of the entrance of evil, but permitted it to show forth the greater goodness of the new creation in Christ.

The Spirit Poured Upon God's People | Numbers 11:24-30; Acts 2:1-21

John Weis | June 7, 2017

Through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church, Yahweh has fulfilled His covenant promise to dwell among His people.

Christ's Headship in the Ascension | Luke 24:44-53; Ephesians 1:15-23

John Weis | May 30, 2017

Christ's Ascension realized the victory wrought in the Resurrection, unto the beginning of His Reign over the nations, ruling them until His second coming.

Jesus' Promise of the Spirit | John 14:15-29

John Weis | May 22, 2017

The Spirit produces loving obedience to, and communion with, the Father and Son in the heart of the flock of Jesus Christ.

The Way of Jesus Christ | John 14:1-14

John Weis | May 17, 2017

In His teaching and miracles, Jesus was constantly showing what the Father was like.

Jesus Christ is Our Shepherd | Psalm 23; John 10:1-21

John Weis | May 10, 2017

What are the benefits that Christ has purchased for His flock? They are told by David, as he extols the grace of the Shepherd.

Jesus in the Word and at the Table | Luke 24:13-35

John Weis | May 2, 2017

Just as Jesus celebrated the Passover before the Crucifixion, He eats with the disciples after His Resurrection to prepare them for the manner of fellowship after the Ascension.

Peace and Perseverance in Christ | John 20:19-31; 1 Peter 1:3-9

John Weis | April 25, 2017

The Christian faith is built upon the historical fact of the Resurrection, producing reconciliation with God today, unto the glorious sight of Christ upon that final day.

Jesus Christ, Our Brother | John 20:1-18

John Weis | April 17, 2017

Though all Christ's disciples deserted Him, He has already forgiven them at His resurrection. He receives them as His brothers.

Palm Sunday | The First Day of Holy Week

Greg Weis | April 10, 2017

On Palm Sunday, Jesus identifies himself as the prophesied triumphant Davidic King.

The New Life in the New Covenant | Ezekiel 37:1-14; John 5:19-29; Romans 8:1-11

John Weis | April 3, 2017

Jesus is the "Son of Man", the Greater Ezekiel, who speaks forth His word of the Gospel causing dead sinners to be raised to life.

The Faith of Jesus Christ | Psalm 40; Hebrews 10:1-10

John Weis | March 28, 2017

Christ completely offered Himself up in full trust to the very end, knowing that the Father judges rightly.

Do Not Put Christ to the Test | Ex 17:1-7; Ps 95; 1 Cor 10:1-15

John Weis | March 19, 2017

We who have seen and heard God's work in the Gospel must not harden our hearts as did the Israelites who grumbled in the wilderness.

Truth in the Inward Being | Psalm 51

John Weis | March 13, 2017

All portions of this psalm - David's guilt, penalty, confession, repentance, forgiveness, and restoration - are based upon the foundation of the atonement of Christ.

Sin, Guilt, and Confession | Psalm 32

John Weis | March 6, 2017

Those who desire to be godly must walk in truth and uprightness of heart by the daily confession of sin.

The Glory of Christ in the Shadow of the Cross | Matthew 16:13-17:13

John Weis | March 1, 2017

In the Transfiguration we see the beautiful and glorious wisdom of God.

The Rewards of Seeking First His Kingdom | Matthew 6:19-34

Greg Weis | February 23, 2017

The importance, the method, and the rewards of seeking first the Kingdom of God

The Lord's Prayer | Matthew 6:1-15

John Weis | February 14, 2017

In the Lord's Prayer, we see the glory of Christ, who not only teaches His people perfectly, but gives them spiritual wisdom for their protection, ongoing sanctification, and victory in His Kingdom.

The Law of Christ | Matthew 5:17-48

John Weis | February 11, 2017

Christ shows that the right interpretation of the law is a more severe reading than the reading which commands external adherence alone.

The Beatitudes - Salt and Light | Matthew 5:1-16

John Weis | February 1, 2017

Jesus begins His teaching with descriptions of those who are transformed by the Spirit to join in His mission of reconciliation through the gospel.

Jesus Christ, the True Israelite | Matthew 4

John Weis | January 24, 2017

Christ enters the very same circumstances as Israel and triumphs in the place of Israel's prior failure.

Christ's Glorious Divine and Human Person | John 1:29-51

John Weis | January 16, 2017

John the Baptist's testimony of Christ and Christ's first interactions with his disciples confirm that in One man, Jesus is both God come in the flesh and the Messiah to redeem His people.

The Kingdom of God is at Hand | Matthew 3

John Weis | January 9, 2017

Christ encounters baptism as the Head of the Church, for He is the first to rise from the dead, that He might preeminent in everything.

The Twelve Days of Christmas and the Feast of Innocents | Jeremiah 31:10-15; Matthew 2:13-23

Greg Weis | January 3, 2017

The Feast of the Innocents reminds us of the reality and depth of evil during the time of Moses, the time of Christ, and today. Into this darkness, God sends Christ, the true light.

The Word Became Flesh | John 1:1-14

John Weis | December 29, 2016

Why does the Word, the Light, come into the world? He came to call men to become children of God.

The Promise of the Incarnation | Isaiah 9:1-7

John Weis | December 21, 2016

The fulfillment of God's promises to Israel is how Jesus becomes our source of joy.

The Joyful, Holy Way of Christ | Isaiah 35:1-10

John Weis | December 15, 2016

These who enter into Zion, join the assembly of Christ, the Church. They are transformed from sorrow and sighing to joyful singing. They are anointed with the Spirit and are lifted up in countenance.

The Reign of Christ in His Kingdom | Isaiah 11:1-11

John Weis | December 5, 2016

The end goal of the reign of Jesus is the conversion of His enemies and the restoration of all things on the earth.

The Mountain of the House of the Lord | Isaiah 2:1-5

John Weis | December 3, 2016

The "mountain of the house of the Lord" is the Kingdom of God as mediated by the Church of God.

Christ the Righteous Branch | Jeremiah 23:1-8

John Weis | November 23, 2016

Though Israel and Judah had generations of wayward kings and leaders, God will establish a new type of shepherd over them. These shepherds will preside over a time of peace and blessing for God's people.

Seeking Wisdom in the Light of God's Wrath | Psalm 90

John Weis | November 16, 2016

The Spirit's teaching leads us to consider our actions in the light of our mortality and the eternal consequences of our actions. Through Christ, time now becomes our ally in the cause of the Gospel, as we sow seeds of faithfulness for the future.

Bone of Bone, Flesh of Flesh | Genesis 2:15-25, Ephesians 5:22-33

John Weis | November 9, 2016

God's design in the creation of man and woman.

Christ Shepherds His People | Exodus 2:1-19

John Weis | November 1, 2016

From the beginning, God's people have been identified by the things of the flock.

Miriam's Rebellion and Healing | Numbers 12

John Weis | October 26, 2016

Just as Aaron interceded for Miriam, Christ ever lives to make intercession for us.

Guest Presentation | Testimony & Ministry

Tom Kelby | October 26, 2016

Tom Kelby's guest presentation at Friday Night Fellowship.

Christ, Lord of the Sabbath | Exodus 4:1-9, Mark 2:23-3:6

John Weis | October 18, 2016

Christ can save to the utmost, even from the party of the Pharisees, of which you have often been a part.

Trinitarian Perseverance Through Trials | Romans 8:18-39

John Weis | October 11, 2016

Paul concludes that the hope for the transformation of the world is the same hope as the one announced in the Gospel in which we were saved.

The City Which Came | Hebrews 13:1-25

John Weis | October 5, 2016

Having demonstrated the Kingdom which God is bringing about, the writer of Hebrews shows how we are to live in that Kingdom.

The Unshakable Kingdom | Hebrews 12

John Weis | September 28, 2016

We have come to something more real than what can be touched. We have come, by the mercies of God, to the True, Heavenly Gathering. Therefore, we should conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the calling.

Vocation in the Kingdom | Genesis 1:26-28

John Weis | September 21, 2016

Cultivate a mindset in which you see everything at your disposal - your time, intellect, talents, resources, money - as tools for loving God and loving neighbor, extending the Kingdom of God.

Cultivating a Kingdom Culture of Continual Catechism | Catechism Mini-Series Chapter 3

Greg Weis | September 21, 2016

GCF Foundational & Equipping Biblical Studies & Theology Classes - "Cultivating as a Community a Kingdom Culture of Continual Catechism"

The Faith of the People of God | Hebrews 11:1-40

John Weis | September 14, 2016

In His infinite wisdom, God has considered those who have come before as righteous, but not "made perfect" until the time of Christ. This was so that Christ would be demonstrated as the Author of Salvation for all those who believe.

Steadfast Hope in Christ | Hebrews 10:1-39

John Weis | September 5, 2016

Hearing the univocal testimony of the Trinity, Christians ought to have every confidence before God in every situation, concern, and trouble.

The Blood of the Covenant | Hebrews 9

John Weis | August 31, 2016

Because Christ's blood was offered in the Heavenly Temple, we, as His people, have confidence that it will sanctify us.

The New Covenant | Hebrews 8:1-13

John Weis | August 27, 2016

The purpose of the Hebrew writer is to warn his hearers from apostasy, from reverting back to the shadows instead of looking on to Christ. Everything which you trust in, except for Christ, will pass away.

Christ's Eternal Priesthood | Hebrews 7

John Weis | August 15, 2016

God's grace in the New Covenant is that He relates to us as those who, like Abraham, are recipients of the Promises, not those who continually break the covenant.

The Promises of God | Hebrews 6:1-20

John Weis | August 10, 2016

The eternal unchangeable counsel of God and His oath to perform it are the bedrock foundation upon which we know we can trust God.

The Order of Melchizedek | Hebrews 5:1-14

John Weis | August 2, 2016

Though Aaron was appointed as priest in the time of the Exodus, Christ is the eternal priest, designated by the Father to minister to all those who receive salvation.

Entering the Rest of God | Psalm 95, Hebrews 4

John Weis | July 28, 2016

Holding fast to our confession is how we enter the rest of God. Our confession is that standing before God we have a greater debt than we could ever pay, but Christ Himself stands with us, greater still.

The Everlasting Covenant and Baptism | Acts 2:22-41

John Weis | July 21, 2016

No amount of washing with water, either young or old, would accomplish anything unless that water pointed to blood - the blood of Christ. The water applied to the body is a reminder of the blood of Christ sprinkled on our hearts.

Christ the Apostle and High Priest | Psalm 95, Hebrews 3:1-19

John Weis | July 11, 2016

The Hebrew writer shows Moses and Jesus as those who were given charge over the same house, God's house. The house of God is nothing other than the assembly of the faithful saints of God.

Christ the Founder of Our Salvation | Hebrews 2

John Weis | July 7, 2016

Christ takes on flesh to experientially know human weakness, allowing Him to both be merciful to us and our High Priest.

Hebrews - The Supremacy of Jesus Christ | Hebrews 1

John Weis | June 28, 2016

The deity of the Son of God and the reign and victory of Christ as presented in Hebrews 1.

Personal Purpose in the Covenant of God | Deuteronomy 8

John Weis | June 22, 2016

Christians must be engaged in the world, cultivating, glorifying, shaping and forming it for God's glory. We should renew our minds from false views of spirituality unto the redeeming of Godly ambition to take dominion and extend His kingdom everywhere.

The Christian Family - A Primer on Family Worship | Psalm 78:1-8, 2 Timothy 1:1-14

John Weis | June 22, 2016

If we would see the revival of the church, we ought first to bring about revival in the home.

The Christian Family - Dominion and Covenant Succession | Genesis 1:26-31, Deuteronomy 6

John Weis | June 16, 2016

God's intention in marriage is primarily the fulfillment of the command to be fruitful and multiply, and take dominion.

Koinonia and Koinonos | GCF Participation 2016-2017

Greg Weis | June 2, 2016

Koinonia and Koinonos (participation, fellowship, partnership) in Scripture and its importance for GCF over the coming year.

Trinity Sunday - Our Future with God | John 16:12-15, Romans 5:1-11

John Weis | May 25, 2016

The Father, the Son, and the Spirit dwell eternally in a community of harmony and love. Though we were at enmity with God, the Father sent His Son to wash us and bring us into the same love which God has in Himself.

Receive Pentecost - Everyone | Holy Spirit Mini-Series, Part 2

Greg Weis | May 21, 2016

Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the continual filling with the Holy Spirit and exercise of spiritual gifts.

Christ's Victorious Ascent | Psalm 47; Luke 24:44-53; Acts 1:1-11

John Weis | May 10, 2016

In commissioning the Apostles, Christ gives them three great tools, without which they would not complete the mission: the promise of His presence, and understanding of the Scriptures, and the baptism in the Spirit.

Abiding in Christ | John 15

John Weis | May 4, 2016

In loving us as the Father loved Him, Christ shows us how love works - love begets obedience; obedience stems from love.

The Holy Spirit and Christ's Ascension | John 14:15-31

John Weis | April 26, 2016

Christ promises that though He departs, He will come in the Spirit.

Christ the Good Shepherd | John 10:1-21

John Weis | April 21, 2016

Christ explains His authority, mission, sacrifice, and resurrection in the imagery of a shepherd who tends to His flock.

Christ the Fisherman | John 21

John Weis | April 11, 2016

The disciples' source of food is not in their gathering for the Lord. Christ's disciples are not fed with the result of their work, but from His own hand.

Commissioned by Christ | John 20:19-31

John Weis | April 4, 2016

Though not present in body, Christ promises to be, and is, present by the Spirit of God. His presence destroys the work of Satan in us, in order that we may be His Body through which He works.

The Empty Tomb | Luke 24:1-12, 1 Corinthians 15:19-26

John Weis | March 30, 2016

Everything that Christ encounters, He does so on behalf of the saints. What began at the Incarnation is fully realized in the Resurrection.

The Triumphal Entry | Psalm 118:19-29, Luke 19:28-48

John Weis | March 22, 2016

Through His prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem, Christ shows the true heart of prophecy: a desire for mercy and compassion.

The Prodigal Son | Luke 15:1-3,11-32

John Weis | March 17, 2016

How you approach any aspect of life is determined by your belief of how God will respond to you.

Sunday Celebration of the Lord's Day | 1 Corinthians 11:17-34; 1 Timothy 2:1-6

Greg Weis | March 9, 2016

The importance of corporate, covenant celebration on the Lord's Day.

The Necessity of Repentance | Luke 13:1-21

John Weis | March 2, 2016

Christ is opposed to all kingdoms of men. In place of the kingdoms of men, Christ plants the kingdom of God.

Walking in the Righteousness of Faith | Philippians 3

John Weis | February 23, 2016

In growing as Christians, we must hold fast to the center: the Incarnation of Christ, the sufficiency of His work, the righteousness which comes by faith.

The Lord Over Spirits | Luke 9:28-45

John Weis | February 17, 2016

The greatest manifestation of the glory of Christ is not found as He stands on a mountain at the Transfiguration. The heart of Jesus Christ is most clearly seen on a hill in Jerusalem, as He hangs upon a bloody cross.

The Rejection of the Christ | Deuteronomy 18:15-19, Luke 4:21-30

John Weis | February 1, 2016

The rejection of Christ in Nazareth means good news to us.

The Temptations of Jesus | Luke 4:1-21

John Weis | January 27, 2016

The temptation to receive all the kingdoms of the world was a real temptation for Christ. Just as Christ was hungry for bread, so also He desires every nation (cf. Psalm 2).

The Wedding at Cana | John 2:1-12

John Weis | January 20, 2016

At the Wedding at Cana, Christ shows His glory through both the water and the wine, pointing to Baptism and the Eucharist.

The Baptism of Jesus Christ | Matthew 3

John Weis | January 13, 2016

The Son does not earn the Father's approval through performance. And neither do we.

Waiting for Yahweh's Servant | Luke 2:21-35

John Weis | January 7, 2016

The manifestations of the sin of doubt and unbelief have one common root and solution: a desperate need to see the patient obedience of Jesus Christ which fully calms our deepest fears and satisfies our greatest longings.

The Perfect Life of Christ | 1 Samuel 2:18-26, Luke 2:41-52

John Weis | December 30, 2015

Christ is not merely our substitute with regard to pardon from sins, but also as pertains to our perfection before God.

The Shepherd of Shepherds | Micah 5:2-9

John Weis | December 26, 2015

Because Christ embraced a humble calling for us, we are liberated to embrace the small, seemingly insignificant and mundane things of life.

Christ, the Redemption of Israel | Zephaniah 3:9-20

John Weis | December 16, 2015

Israel should rejoice, that in the midst of judgment, God remembers his mercy. God leaves a remnant whom He will shepherd.

Preparing for the Day of the Lord | Malachi 3:1-18, Luke 3:7-18, Amos 5:18

Greg Weis | December 10, 2015

Proper preparation for Christ's advents (first and second) involves the rending of our hearts in true repentance.

In the Spirit of Elijah | Malachi 4, Luke 1:1-25

John Weis | December 1, 2015

The fire which Christ longs to bring upon the earth is a fire which both purifies and judges. For those who believe, the fire removes all that which cannot remain before Him. But those who do not believe are consumed in it.

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God | Daniel 7:1-18, Psalm 2, Revelation 1:1-16

John Weis | November 23, 2015

Our desire is a sincere and robust faith, in which we press out the full Crown Rights of the King into every dimension and aspect of life and culture (cf. 1 Timothy 1:5).

Multi-Layered Gospel and Kingdom Catechism | A Key to a Disciple-Making Model

Greg Weis | November 17, 2015

The Biblical basis for catechism and its role in discipleship.

Love God With All Your Life | Deuteronomy 6, Psalm 127, Romans 3:21-31

John Weis | November 11, 2015

God has ordained that parents have a primary role in teaching their children about God's Covenant Faithfulness.

The Centrality of the Gospel | 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

John Weis | November 5, 2015

The Christian life is a life lived in faith in Christ, such that any good thing which you do, or which you experience, originates in God's sovereign and good grace.

The Warrior Bridegroom | Psalm 45

John Weis | October 30, 2015

Psalm 45 is a prophetic poem concerning the glory of Jesus Christ as He defeats His enemies and is united to His Bride, the Church.

Christ, Lord of the Sabbath | Deuteronomy 23:15-25, Matthew 12:1-16

John Weis | October 21, 2015

We are tempted by two similar errors - substituting our own law (legalism) or dismissing God's law as unnecessary (antinomianism). The two errors have the same common root - failing to trust that the obedience of faith is God's path for life.

Glory to Glory | Psalm 16, 2 Corinthians 3

John Weis | October 14, 2015

Being made in His image, we see that we have both the capacity and need for communion and relationship, not just with other humans, but with God Himself.

A War for Fruit | Deuteronomy 6:10-19, Matthew 21:33-46

John Weis | October 7, 2015

The calling of the Christian is to press out the crown rights of King Jesus in every realm and aspect of life.

Union with Christ in Sacrificial Love | Hebrews 13:1-16

John Weis | September 29, 2015

Because Christ has suffered to form a people, we too, in sharing the love of God must suffer as well. This is our true worship, not simply singing songs and doing religious services, but sacrificial love extended to others.

Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani? | Psalm 22, Matthew 27:45-54

John Weis | September 26, 2015

Psalm 22 is a prophetic oracle concerning the depth of the suffering, in both body and soul, which Christ experiences in His crucifixion.

The Everlasting Covenant and Baptism | Acts 2:22-41

John Weis | September 15, 2015

A Biblical consideration of credobaptism (believers' baptism) and paedobaptism (infant baptism).

Biblical Finances | General Topics

John Weis | September 8, 2015

Every aspect of our lives must be in obedience to God's expressed will as found in the Scriptures. Our understanding of His rightful claims will be clearly manifest in how we handle our finances.

Going into the Land | Numbers 27:12-23, Matthew 9:35-10:15

John Weis | September 3, 2015

Although there is a deep darkness on our land, and many see no need for Christ, we are nevertheless called to faithful and bold battle, standing firm in the promise that Christ will lead us on.

The Waters at Meribah | Numbers 20:1-13

John Weis | August 27, 2015

This account shows us the righteousness of God's standard and the utter impossibility of sinful men to represent the faithfulness of God. We need One who will come and represent God well.

The Holiness of God and the Divinity of Jesus Christ | Ezekiel 1

John Weis | August 12, 2015

Holy men and prophets of old were terrified to look upon God, sinless angels cannot behold Him, lest they be consumed, and yet, the Word has eternal communion with the Father face-to-face.

The King's Wonderful Mercy | 2 Samuel 9

John Weis | August 5, 2015

David's scandalous, extravagant grace shown to Mephibosheth is only the tip of the iceberg of the depths of the love of Christ.

True Covenant Worship | Exodus 24, 1 Corinthians 10:1-22

John Weis | July 29, 2015

True covenant worship, composed of the Word and table, is seen in Exodus 24.

The Call at Sinai - A Holy Nation | Exodus 19, Hebrews 12:18-29

John Weis | July 21, 2015

Acceptable worship is worship that accords with truth; acknowledging God as He is - holy. It means drawning near to Him with fear and trembling.

The Gospel According to Exodus | Exodus 6:1-12

John Weis | July 13, 2015

If God's salvation of Israel was total, completely destroying Egypt, how much more should we put our hope in Christ's perfect work setting us free from slavery to sin.

God's Holy Order and Same-Sex Mirage | Genesis 1:26-31, Romans 1:16-32

John Weis | July 7, 2015

A response to the legalization of so-called same-sex marriage: the Biblical perspective, societal effects and a call to hope and a loving witness.

Depart From Us | Mark 5:1-20

John Weis | June 30, 2015

Through this account, we see the power of Christ in bringing healing and deliverance, in toppling the kingdom of darkness, and in confronting the societal dysfunction which desires the status quo rather than the Gospel. We are called to seek life in Christ and warned against the dangers of bidding Christ to depart from our region.

Peace! Be Still! | Proverbs 30:1-6, Mark 4:35-41

John Weis | June 23, 2015

Christ expects the disciples to have placed their trust in the Father's call and watching, instead of the natural threat of the storms. Ultimately, Christ is calling them to put into practice His command to fear God and nothing else.

Forgiveness and Future Judgment | Matthew 18:21-35, 2 Corinthians 5:9-21

John Weis | June 16, 2015

Our final judgment will serve as a public confirmation of our trust in and union with Christ, on the basis of His payment of our debts. The righteousness which will be demonstrated at that judgment is not of our own making, but entirely His.

Confirm Your Calling | 2 Peter 1:1-15

John Weis | June 13, 2015

The Christian is to never stop growing. We must become like our Master in every respect.

Wind and Fire | Acts 2:1-41

John Weis | June 3, 2015

The sound of the Holy Spirit's descent on Pentecost causes a shift in the atmosphere of the most wicked city on the planet. The church is beginning to partner with Christ in His mission of restoration.

The 5-5-5 Deal Principle | Eight Essential Elements Part C

Greg Weis | May 27, 2015

Five vital signs of new life in Christ.

Ascension | Luke 24:44-53; Acts 1:1-11

John Weis | May 19, 2015

Christ has ascended, and by the Spirit, we have ascended with Him, to live in newness of life in His Kingdom.

The Resurrection of the Dead | 1 Corinthians 15:1-28

John Weis | May 12, 2015

The great hope of Christianity is a bodily resurrection in a restored new heavens and new earth.

The Great Commission | Psalm 22:25-31, Matthew 28:11-20

John Weis | May 5, 2015

Jesus, in commissioning His disciples, gives us a bedrock foundation stone in our understanding of how we are to live and minister: His authority.

The Road to Emmaus | Psalm 23, Luke 24:13-35

John Weis | April 28, 2015

Human beings are desperately hope-filled creatures. You will always be putting your hope and trust in something: the individual, society, technical progress, government, religious systems, or Christ. The Crucifixion understood rightly demonstrates the folly of trusting in anything other than Christ.

Following Christ | John 21

John Weis | April 21, 2015

John closes his gospel reminding us that these works of Christ are but the outer fringe of God's love. Christ is still working today, to root out issues of sin from our lives, to mend, to restore, to heal, to save.

A Resurrection of Grace | John 20:19-31, Hebrews 3

John Weis | April 13, 2015

Not only did Christ die for our sins, but He brings empowering grace to restore us to fellowship and deliver us from our unbelief.

Christ the Gardener - The Second Adam Remaking the World | John 20:1-23

John Weis | April 6, 2015

The Resurrection is not the end of the Gospel, but the beginning. The triumph over the curse that began in that garden will spread throughout all of the earth.

Palm Sunday | Psalm 118:19-29, John 12:12-26

John Weis | April 4, 2015

Christ, fully knowing what would happen by entering Jerusalem, did so willingly. He embraced the will of God and loved righteousness more than preserving His own life.

Blind, Lame, and Paralyzed | John 5:1-18

John Weis | March 28, 2015

The Jews' understanding of the purpose of the Sabbath was backward. By restoring that sick man, Christ was truly celebrating the Sabbath.

The Living Water | John 4:5-42

John Weis | March 17, 2015

The spiritual thirst that we have is a thirst that is more real than natural thirst. Christ certainly is greater than Jacob, for He did not simply dig a well, but is Himself the source of all life.

You Must Be Born Again | John 3:1-21

John Weis | March 10, 2015

Those who are born of the Spirit enter into the kingdom of God, wherein is eternal life: knowing the Father and the One who He sent. Entrance into the Kingdom of God is a gift bestowed on us by our Heavenly Father.

Zeal for Your House | John 2:13-22; 1 Corinthians 6:9-20

John Weis | March 3, 2015

Christ is zealous for His temple and cleanses it still today. Paul teaches that the purpose for the human body is not food nor sexual immorality, but for being joined to the Lord.

The Wilderness | Luke 4:1-14

John Weis | February 23, 2015

Though we are brought low during Lent, it is not a time for despair. The fasting and trials that Jesus encounters in the wilderness recapitulate the temptation of Adam in the Garden and Israel in the wilderness. Jesus overcomes the devil in the wilderness, telling of the victory to come.

The Transfiguration | Mark 8:27-9:9

John Weis | February 17, 2015

In the Transfiguration we see the beautiful and glorious wisdom of God. Christ sees the Father’s will as glorious. Yet Peter's eyes see naturally. The Transfiguration shows us that our perspective is flawed.

A New Meal | Mark 2:18-28

John Weis | February 10, 2015

Christ teaches the value of His presence and the value of the New Covenant that He brings with him through a parable of old garments and wineskins. We can not approach Christ if He does not make us anew.

A Doctor for the Sick | Mark 2:1-17

John Weis | February 2, 2015

The Gospels (the four of them, equally) bring us before Christ showing our true condition: sinful man is both unable to do anything about his condition, and is dead to the sensation of the effect of sin.

A Lamb and A Ladder | John 1:29-51

John Weis | January 27, 2015

Christ is the ladder which Jacob saw; He is the one who is "Bethel", the house (tabernacle) of God in the midst of His people. He is the one who confirms the covenant and fulfills His promises.

A New Teaching | Mark 1:14-39

John Weis | January 20, 2015

Jesus Christ, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, shows us how we sustain our hearts in the love of God.

The Baptism of Jesus Christ | Mark 1:1-15

John Weis | January 12, 2015

Though Christ was not guilty of any sin, as our High Priest and Kin, Jesus Christ receives water baptism, so that he would be the Head of a New People. Not only is He the Federal Head of this people by water, He also is baptized with the Holy Spirit to bestow the Spirit upon them.

The Word Made Flesh | John 1:1-18

John Weis | January 5, 2015

For John, the Incarnation is an act of immense proportions, illuminating how we understand the entire universe, physically, spiritually, and philosophically.

A Light for Glory | Luke 2:22-40

John Weis | December 29, 2014

Simeon and Anna show us the righteousness of Christ in their worship and praise the Lord at the sight of the Child.

Everlasting Kingdom | 2 Samuel 7:1-16

John Weis | December 28, 2014

Jesus Christ comes to fulfill the promises of God to David. He comes to establish an everlasting Kingdom in which we can truly live as redeemed mankind.

The Ministry of Christ | Isaiah 61:1-11

John Weis | December 17, 2014

God's aim in the sending of His Son is that through His people He would work in the earth to cause righteousness in all places.

Comfort My People | Isaiah 40:1-11

John Weis | December 11, 2014

God desires to bring us back from our sins and by coming near, He has made sure it will happen.

Rend the Heavens | Isaiah 64:1-9

John Weis | December 2, 2014

God has every right to renounce Israel and leave her in bondage, yet because of His great mercy, He will not give her up.

Hope For All of Life | Romans 8:18-39

John Weis | November 24, 2014

There is no situation which merits hopelessness. To live without hope is to live an active denial of eternity with God.

Humility | Philippians 2:1-18

John Weis | November 18, 2014

God desires that we would consciously engage our will in a sustained effort against sin.

The Presence | Psalm 16

John Weis | November 11, 2014

Through our union with Christ, mediated by the Holy Spirit, we are invited to live with the Lord always before us.

Heavenly Encounter | Ezekiel 1

John Weis | November 4, 2014

Worship, and therefore all of life, is not neutral. Man becomes like what he beholds in worship.

Naaman's Washing | 2 Kings 5:1-19; John 1:19-34

John Weis | October 28, 2014

Like Naaman, we are like dead men, in need of cleansing and restoration. In Naaman's washing and later in John the Baptist's ministry we see our need of washing and the preeminent worth and beauty of the Lamb of God.

Idols - No Other Gods | Exodus 20, Romans 6

John Weis | October 20, 2014

Though we could never be justified to God by doing His law, His moral law still informs how we should live.

Baptism - Through the Waters | Exodus 14

John Weis | October 14, 2014

The Kingdom of God Series, Chapter 3B Reviewed. God's Kingdom plan in Creation is and must be His ongoing, current and eternal plan. His attributes, purpose, law and ways never change. He, His plans and His administration are progressively revealed.

Our Need for Grace | Exodus 6:1-13; Luke 24:13-35

John Weis | October 6, 2014

God's deliverance is accomplished without precondition. God's saving grace comes before the giving of the law. And this amazing deliverance cannot be believed by man's ears or eyes alone.

Signs of Moses | Exodus 4:1-17

John Weis | September 29, 2014

Every aspect of Moses' ministry, to one degree, prefigures Christ. Knowing this, we ought to read Moses looking for Christ, making connections where appropriate.

Hope for the World | Daniel 4:4-18; Mark 4:30-34

John Weis | September 22, 2014

God has not abandoned the earth up to futility, for the glory of the Lord will fill the whole earth.

Living in the Light of Christ | Colossians 3:1-17

John Weis | September 15, 2014

The exhortations of Colossians 3 are instructions for Gospel-informed living. Without Christ, we have no foundation or motivation for righteous living.

The Primacy of the Kingdom | A Review

Greg Weis | September 8, 2014

The Kingdom of God Series, Chapter 1 Reviewed - The Kingdom of God is the primary, prevailing topic throughout all of Scripture. A review of the Sunday School message "What Is the Bible All About?" (posted on February 5, 2014).

Spiritual Warfare (Continued) | Reality, Geography & Legalities

Greg Weis | September 1, 2014

Effective Corporate Kingdom Prayer Series, Chapter 3F (Continued) - To engage in spiritual warfare, it is important to first understand what the Bible reveals about the source, geography and legalities of spiritual warfare.

Five Types of Prayer | Great Model Intercessors of the Bible

Greg Weis | August 25, 2014

Effective Corporate Kingdom Prayer Series, Chapter 3E - Seven key principles of intercession as exemplified by great models in the Bible - Jesus, Nehemiah, Moses and others.

Five Types of Prayer | Petitions, Supplications & Requests with Thanksgiving

Greg Weis | August 18, 2014

Effective Corporate Kingdom Prayer Series, Chapter 3C - Petitions, supplications and requests are the most familiar types of prayer. It is important to couple these prayers with thanksgiving.

Seven Keys to Effective Kingdom Prayer | Key 5

Greg Weis | August 11, 2014

Effective Corporate Kingdom Prayer Series, Chapter 2C. Another key to effective prayer is righteousness. What is righteousness?

Seal of Authenticity | 1 John 5

John Weis | August 4, 2014

John has been talking about love of neighbor, trusting in Christ, walking in the light, and he caps it off with a "keep yourselves from idols." John is saying that false doctrines are idols which we exalt over and above the truth of Christ. We are to live, seeing through new eyes, keeping watch against the darkness.

Testing and Love | 1 John 4

John Weis | July 28, 2014

The fear of the Lord causes us to come take refuge in Him (cf. Ps 31:19), whereas the fear of the Lord's judgment causes us to shrink back from Him (cf. Luke 23:30). In Christ, our fear of the Lord's judgment is cast out by perfect love.

Seven Inevitable Institutions of Government | Educational Systems

Greg Weis | July 28, 2014

The Kingdom of God Series, Chapter 7B. There are four institutions of government that the Kingdom must take dominion over through Christians being salt and light in the world. The first of these is education.

Children of God | 1 John 3

John Weis | July 15, 2014

If we who were formerly following Cain are loving our brothers, it must be because we are now following Christ. If we are keeping God's commandment, then we know that God abides in us by His Spirit.

Antichrists | 1 John 2:18-29

John Weis | July 7, 2014

The anti-Christ is not someone coming at the end of modern history to "end the world", but rather anyone coming against the doctrine of the apostles: that Jesus is the Christ, the Only Son of God, who has revealed righteousness.

The New Commandment | 1 John 2:1-17

John Weis | June 30, 2014

John identifies love for your brother as being a mirror of your spiritual state, such that hatred amounts to blindness and love light.

Walk In The Light | 1 John 1

John Weis | June 23, 2014

Jesus shows the nature of God: God is light (1 John 1:5). We must examine our walk and see if it is in step with the light of God.

Man of Fire | Revelation 1

John Weis | June 16, 2014

Jesus Christ, the one who baptizes in the Holy Spirit, is the same one who attends to the lampstands, moving back and forth among them, filling them with oil (the Spirit), and trimming them.

Origins and Covenants | Acts 2

John Weis | June 9, 2014

The promise of the Holy Spirit is not earned, nor merited, but rather, as grace of the gospel, freely given by God.

Atonement - Completed in Ascension | Acts 1:1-11, Hebrews 10:1-25

John Weis | June 2, 2014

The atonement was completed when Jesus sat down at the right hand of God, after His Ascension, demonstrating the finality of the lasting work of Christ.

Mission | Luke 24:36-53, Acts 1:1-5

John Weis | May 27, 2014

The disciples will confirm the truth of the prophecies that have been fulfilled after the power from on high arrives. They will be the ones that will proclaim repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Christ's name.

Fear - Startled by the Resurrection | Mark 16

John Weis | May 19, 2014

In Mark, divine intervention often leaves people even more afraid, not less. And so even in the Resurrection, we see a need still remains. For us to be freed from fear, Christ will ascend to the Father and pour forth the Spirit, who will pour into us the love of God (Romans 5:5), for that is perfect love, which casts out all fear.

The Road to Emmaus | Luke 24:1-35

John Weis | May 12, 2014

The Word indicates, demonstrates, and teaches us of Christ, but it's at the Table where we recognize and experience Him.

The Great Commission | Matthew 28

John Weis | May 6, 2014

The Great Commission is to be done with the foundation of the Resurrected Jesus Christ. That is the reason for it, and the power of it.

Fellowship - Restored in the Resurrection | John 21

John Weis | April 28, 2014

It's only after the meal that God tells Peter to feed His Lambs. Likewise, we only can minister out of the overflow of our relationship with God. The question "Do you love Me?" must be answered before you can be told to feed His lambs.

Easter - The Start of a New Creation | Song 3:1-5, John 20

John Weis | April 22, 2014

By rising from the dead, Christ has defeated death and opened up for us a way of salvation. While we scattered, Christ has sought us out, gathered us by His Spirit and proclaimed the Gospel to us: that in Christ, God has reconciled us to Himself, declaring peace to those who were far off.

Palms and Passion | John 12

John Weis | April 15, 2014

The crowd that greets Jesus in Jerusalem is in darkness, because they cannot believe. And this is John's specific intention: to demonstrate that without Christ's atoning work, no amount of following after Him can ever produce the faith that leads to life.

Seven Principles of All GCF Outreaches | Part B

Greg Weis | April 7, 2014

Seven principles of GCF outreach originally presented at the 2014 ARC conference. The third concept, Decision Making vs. Disciple Making, is begun in this message. (See our Sunday School podcast for Part A.)

Lifted Up | Numbers 21:1-9, John 3:1-21

John Weis | March 31, 2014

Not only is Jesus Christ glorified in His heavenly state, but Christ was also glorified by being lifted up on the cross.

Lame Man Walking - The Power of the Son of God | John 5:1-29

John Weis | March 24, 2014

Those who hear the words of Jesus have come alive. Those who do not believe the words of Jesus are dead. But, hallelujah, He's in the business of raising the dead.

Resurrection - Our Great Hope in Christ | John 11:1-45

John Weis | March 17, 2014

Not only did Jesus bring Lazarus back to life, but He healed him and reversed the decay of his flesh. Jesus Christ is making all things new, especially our hearts, which are in need of hearing His voice say "come alive."

Blindness - Our Need for the Light of the World | John 9:1-41

John Weis | March 10, 2014

Only if we see our need for Christ will he be of any benefit to us. In this season of Lent, when we reflect on the darkness in our own lives, we must cry out all the more loudly, "Son of David, have mercy on me."

Seek the Lord | The Kingdom is Unfolding in Our Midst

Greg Weis | March 6, 2014

Ash Wednesday 2014 - An exhortation to seek His face, heart and hand that we might be strengthened in our Godly identity and prepared for the work ahead.

Overcoming Temptation - A Celebration of Lent | Psalm 32, Matthew 4:1-17

John Weis | March 2, 2014

This year, as we celebrate Lent, let us do so knowing that the battle in the wilderness has already been won. Jesus overcomes the devil in the wilderness, which we celebrate in Lent, culminating in Jesus' Passion.

Fasting 101 | Preparing & Getting Motivated for GCF Corporate Fast

Greg Weis | February 23, 2014

Four key passages of Scripture on fasting (the Sermon on the Mount, Psalm 35:13, Isaiah 58 and the Book of Joel) teach us the proper motives for fasting and the promised rewards.

Forgiveness - Prerequisite to Discipleship | Matthew 6:1-18, 18:21-3

John Weis | February 18, 2014

The freedom from your past debts is the justice which rolls down like water. You don't forgive to be forgiven, you forgive because you have been forgiven.

Gospel Suffering - Paul's Life in the Light of Christ | Colossians 1:15-29

John Weis | February 13, 2014

God, who created men in His image and has redeemed men after the pattern of His Son, desires them to have full maturity after their elder Brother.

Fathers First | Genesis 12, 13

John Weis | February 5, 2014

What you work for, you keep, but even the ground you cover today becomes your children's possession.

Presentation of Jesus at the Temple | Luke 2:22-40

John Weis | February 5, 2014

Simeon recognizes the Christ child as being that very salvation from the hand of God which would be the restoration of the glory of Israel. Just as God demonstrated His power over Egypt, the salvation brought about through Christ has world-wide impact.

Epiphany | Matthew 2:1-12, Ephesians 3:1-12

John Weis | February 5, 2014

The Light of the world has come, and has shown Himself to all, calling men to turn from their dark deeds and walk in the Light.

Magi and Infants | Matthew 2

John Weis | January 25, 2014

The events surrounding Christ's birth remind us of the destructive, temporary reign of unrighteous men and of the eternal reign of God which will one day be recognized by all.

A Saviour - The Shepherd of Israel | Luke 2:1-20

John Weis | January 25, 2014

God did not just put the rulers of this world to open shame at the cross, He did it at the very beginning of His Son's life.

Hope - Christ's Blessed Reign | Isaiah 2:1-5

John Weis | January 25, 2014