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Building on Christ our Rock

Jesus Christ is the foundation stone upon which the church is built. We exist to represent Christ to the world through our teaching, worship, and living. As we do this, these four ideas are important to us:


We believe that the Scriptures teach all the things that are necessary for salvation. We are saved by grace alone (it's God's gift). We are saved by faith in Jesus Christ alone. Because we were blind before we knew Christ, God gets all of the glory for our salvation. We believe that the gospel, clearly defined in Reformed teachings, is the central message of the church.


We value what the historic church has defined as the essentials of the Christian faith in the Apostle's and Nicene creeds. We recite these creeds as part of our worship services to remind ourselves and to inform others. We believe that correct doctrine leads to correct living.


We pursue God's presence and power in corporate worship and personal living. The Holy Spirit applies God's Word, produces new life, grants victory over sin, and guides us into the truth. We desire for all believers to walk in the gifts of the Spirit to build up the church.


We long to see the city of Dayton transformed by the love of Christ through an authentic display of the Kingdom. We see His kingdom on display when believers live in harmony, when the sick are healed, when the oppressed are set free, and when the poor have the gospel preached to them.